Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kim Kardashian Inspired Outfit (9/27/11)

Get the Look:

  • Top: Orange Mall
  • Jeans: Fashion Q
  • Shoes: Bakers
  • Purse: Christmas Gift
  • Bangle: Dont remember :/

Dolls here is another Kim K inspired outfit. As you know I absolutely LOVE her!! She wore this a couple of months ago I fell in love with it and decided to do it even if its an old outfit. Enjoy and leave me some comments letting me know your thoughts, tips etc.

XOXO, Danira

Blue jeans & Thigh high boots. (9/24/11)

Get the Look:

  • Jacket: Wet Seal
  • Top: H&M
  • Pants: Jcpenny
  • Necklace: bebe
  • Purse: Gift
  • Boots: Stuart Weitzman

Thanks for visiting my blog dolls. Love you, Danira

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall is officially here!! :) (9/23/11)

Get the Look:

  • Beanie/hat: Garage Sale (Bought new with tag lol $1)
  • Top: Angl
  • Jeans: Charlotte Russe
  • Boots: Bakers
  • Bangles/Earrings: Aldo/Forever 21
  • Blazer: Small Fashion Store ( Don't remember name)
  • Purse: Aldo

Fall is officially here!!!!! Yay I am soooo happy I had to wear boots to celebrate the first day of fall. LOL I just love how easy it is to wear outfits with boots and super comfy. Let me know opinions, tips, suggestions. If you dolls want to see a particular look let me know and i will do it! :)

XOXO, Danira (Happy weekend dolls!)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kris Jenner Vibe! (9/21/11)


Get the Look:

  • Earrings: H&M
  • Blazer: Forever 21
  • Top: Express
  • Flare Jeans: Express
  • Bracelets: G Stage
  • Purse: G Stage
  • Shoes: Forever 21

Followers!!!! I REALLY hope you dolls like this Kris Jenner vibe outfit! I want to do outfits that all women can rock! Young and older, who better then Kris J?! She has amazing style!!! Very classy lady with style. Even us younger crowd can wear her outfits! Love it. She is all about her blazers and accesories, and amazing shades!! I did this look especially for my friend, almost like a 2nd mom to me Valerie!!! There is more to come! Can't wait to shop for you and style you!!! Hope you like this look. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A touch of Leopard (9/20/11)


Get the Look:

  • Top: Red Apparel
  • Jacket/Cardigan: Ontario Mills Mall
  • Scarf: Fashion Q
  • Jeans: G stage
  • Shoes: Off Broadway Shoes
  • Headband: Forever 21
  • Purse: Gift
  • Shades: Gucci

Hello dolls hope you had a fab tuesday! Here is my outfit for today, I hope you love just as much as i love it. Love the combination of colors with leopard and to make it a little boho i decided to wear a headband. You cant really see it but its there. lol thanks for stopping by my blog!

XOXO, Danira

Monday, September 19, 2011


Button up with Skirt (9/06/11)

Get the look:

  • Top: Walmart
  • Skirt: Gift
  • Belt: Forever 21
  • Clutch: 2nd hand store
  • Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Leather Leggings & Denim Vest (9/12/11)


Get the Look:

  • Vest: Wet Seal
  • Top: Red Apparel
  • Leggings: Forever 21
  • Bangles: Aldo
  • Purse: gift
  • Shoes: Off broadway Shoes
  • Shades: Garage sale ($1) lol

Black Jumpsuit & Wedges (9/13/11)

Get the Look:

  • Jumpsuit: Fashion City
  • Accesories: Forever 21/Aldo
  • Purse: Aldo
  • Shoes: shiekh store

Dolls, hope you love my posts. I have not posted in a while I was sooo busy planning my 21st bday (Sep 15th) in vegas! I was there Sep 16th through the 18th. I will post pics soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me sweet comments. xoxoxo Danira