Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How I Stay In Shape.

Hello my followers, hope you dolls are having a fabulous week so far. I am really enjoying this weather. Perfect for boots, scarfs etc. Well this is a different type of post. I have gotten many messages, tweets, comments asking how I stay in shape or I must work out a lot. LOL Thank you all for those compliments, really appreciate them and keep me motivated to keep working out. But let me tell you i wasn't always slim or in shape. After i had my daughter i gained a lot of weight and disliked the way I looked. One day I weighed myself and it was my breaking point. That same day I got a gym membership at 24 hour fitness. A little bit after i decided to hire a personal trainer (best decision of my life!). My trainer, Aida is the best!!! I swear if you don't like working out she shows you how to workout correctly and learn to love it. I had her for a month and if I could of afford it I will for sure go back to her. (If you guys live in oc, CA and are looking to seriously tone up, loose weight or anything go to AIDA C, in Anaheim no one else I promise you wont regret it. (& NO I AM NOT GETTING PAID TO SAY THIS LOL) Its just how much she made a difference in the way I look & feel. She trains at 24 hour fitness at the Anaheim gardenwalk. If you are interested for further info on her send me a dm. :) but after my training I still went to gym did all kinds of cardio, weight training I learned with Aida. I run, jump rope, squats, lunges, and all kinds of workouts for arms and tummy. Its all about changing up your routine often. To confuse your muscles. But I hope this is helpful to the people that want to change there bodies. All you need is DEDICATION, MOTIVATION, & TO BE DETERMINED!!!



Leopard Hat! (10/24/11)



Get the Look:

  • Blazer: H&M
  • Top: Gift
  • Pants/Boots: Fashion Q
  • Clutch: G Stage
  • Bangles: Aldo/Gstage
  • Hat: Local Boutique
  • Necklace: Forever 21
Dolls, here is the outfit i wore monday! I just love this hat a little leopard goes a long way! I decided to do all black to make it about the hat and gold accesories! Please leave me some feedback in the comments dolls. :)

XOXO, Danira @daniracastro (< make sure to follow me dolls)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Army Green & Stripes (10/23/11)


Get the Look:
  • Blazer: Local Fashion Store
  • Top: Red Apparel
  • Army green shorts: Wet Seal
  • Wedges: Shiekh Shoes
  • Purse: Bakers
Hello gorgeous fashionistas! Here is my outfit I wore yesterday. Kinda different and comfy, I just love how the army green looks with the stripes and the wedges just make it FAB!
 Thank you all for stoopping by my blog & all the feedback. =)

xoxo, Danira 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gray & Black for Fall (10/18/11)


Get the Look:

  • Cardigan/Leggings: Wet Seal (super old)
  • Belt: Came with a dress i have.
  • Boots: Fashion Q
  • Handbag: Bday gift
  • Bracelet/Earrings: Forever 21 (I know u cant really see my hoop earrings lol)

Happy week dolls! XOXO, Danira

Monday, October 17, 2011

Messy hair & No accesories! lol 10/17/11

This is what it looks like buttoned up. ^^

Get the Look:

  • Blouse: Local Fashion Store
  • Tank top: H&M
  • Jeans: Wet Seal (super old)
  • Booties: Burlington
  • Purse: Gift

Hi fashionistas, omg today I really wasn't in the mood to fix my hair or accesorize my outfit. Lol this weather change gets me lazy! My daughter is getting sick so I didnt have time either. So I decided to still take pics for a blog. I think this is the perfect outfit to relax and get errands done. I did some grocery shopping and felt so comfy and not overdressed! Messy hair can be cute lol. In my opinion. Well dolls hope you guys like. Thanks for stopping by. :)

xoxo, Danira

Sunday Funday (10/16/11)


Get The Look:

  • Blazer/Skirt: Forever 21
  • Tank top: Fashion Q
  • Accesories: G Stage
  • Clutch: ALDO
  • Shoes: Luna fashion

Dolls, here is this look I created for sunday funday. Its soooo comfortable, sexy, and soo stylish! I wore it to go browse around with my daughter in the afternoon. :) I especially had to create an outfit that was sexy and comfy for my personal trainer Aida, she is going to vegas this week and  she wanted me to create an outfit for her to walk the strip. :) (this is just an idea) Showing leg is soo sexy but I decided to wear a blazer with it to make it look classy (dont show to much lol) ;).  Hope you like this look because I am really in love with these colors! 

Have a very fashionable week dolls! muah xoxo, Danira

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A simple dress & Blazer (10/12/11)


Get the Look:

  • Dress: Love Couture
  • Blazer: Fashion Q
  • Shoes: Luna
  • Necklace: BEBE
  • Clutch: Second hand store

Hi lovers!! I haven't posted in a while sorry ive been busy. But here is an easy outfit i created that pretty much you can wear anywhere! :) Hope you like enjoy. Thanks sooo much for all your sweet comments. I really appreciate each and every one of them. Happy weekend dolls.

                                                                                 XOXO, DANIRA