Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cold Weather is Here!!! 10/06/11


Get the Look:

  • Pants/beanie: Fashion Q
  • Scarf: ALDO (old)
  • Blazer: Fashion City
  • Swearer/top: Red Apparel
  • Boots: OFF broadway shoes
  • Purse: Gift

I am soooo happy with the weather right now in california!! Only reason is because i get to wear my boots and scarfs lol. I looooovee it!!!! enjoy dolls and thank you for stopping by my blog. Each of your comments mean so much to me. =)

XOXO, Danira

1 comment:

  1. Love your blog and you do an exceptional job at recreating celeb looks. IF you're going to duplicate a look, it might as well be that of someone who gets it right more x's than not (Kardashian girls).

    I noticed you wear a lot of black shoes. I thought I was the only guilty party when it comes to buying black shoes/boots. Glad I'm not. Love all the shoes I've see thus far :)

    Ears to the Feet
    "Where shoe shopping and thrifting come together"