Friday, August 26, 2011

Kourtney K. ReKreation! (8/24/11)


 Get the look:

  • Top: Fashion City
  • Jeggings: Tillys
  • Flats: Red Apparel
  • Bangles: Aldo
  • Tank top (underneath): Wet Seal
  • Purse: gift
  • Sunglasses: Gucci

Hi dolls!! So a couple of months ago i saw this outfit on kourtney and i knew i had to do it because it is so casual but yet stylish for a busy mom I went grocery shopping with my daughter with this on, soooo comfy. Also knew i had to do it because i had a similar style top!  Here it is lol i had to wear a top underneath because i bought these pants a long time ago and are sooo big from the zipper part now even bigger since ive lost weight but its always been big there  (as u can tell makes it look like i have a camel***) LOL but i dont!! Promise!!! anyway hope you enjoy. Please let me know your thoughts and if u want me to rekreate any celebrity looks!! thanks loves
                                                                             xoxoxo, Danira
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  1. Oh my! Look at you Kourt has nothing on you, totally nailed the look, I actually like the print on your top better, happy weekend!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. very nicely done

  3. My iPhone is a piece of work. I left a comment this morning but I guess it didnt save. You're gorgeous and this outfit rocks. It's so simple and it looks amazing! I love Kourtney's looks. Well done!