Thursday, February 9, 2012

How would you wear it? With or Without?

Get My Look:
Top: Red Apparel (garden walk)
Blazer: Fashion Q (anaheim plaza)
Shorts:Forever 21
Necklace/Rings: C Russe
Clutch: 2nd hand store
So dolls, this outfit I loved sooo much that i wore it twice lol.
Once with footed leggings and one day without, haha yes i know but first I wore it Sunday. I went shopping to downtown disney for some makeup, it was a hot day (here in CA weather is amazing right now) so I decided to go without. Next day I wore it to work, since no one i knew saw me in it! Ahahahahahaha dont tell me you've never done this b4! Obv the 2nd day i wore leggings and did a clutch instead of a purse.. enjoy :)

How FAB  is my new lipstick?!?!!? omg im obsessed with this peach color. Can not stop wearing it! lol
XOXO, Danira

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  1. I like it without the tights much more!!! Bare legs are SEXY!!! LOL!!! I love this look though!!!! <3